DIY Divorce — Do I Have to Hire an Attorney to Get a Divorce in Texas?

No. In fact, there are any number of websites offering free legal forms for “do it yourself” divorces, but we do urge extreme caution, and we say this not just because this is how we happen to make a living.

In divorce, particularly those involving, for example, significant assets or debt, business interests, separate property issues, real property issues, the necessity for division of retirement plans, conflict and disputes between the parties (and the list goes on), and/or if there are minor children, it's critical to make sure a final order includes everything the law requires.

Ensuring that a final order includes all of the necessary provisions and language required by statute or a particular court, and that any related orders (such as Qualified Domestic Relations Orders) are properly drafted and filed can become very complicated very quickly. The potential for presenting orders which cost you valuable rights or assets rises significantly. In the same way you probably would not undertake a transmission rebuild using a YouTube video, we urge the same caution in proceeding down what can be a very complicated road without experienced legal counsel.