Family Law Services in Spring, Conroe, and The Woodlands, Texas

The Bruce Law Firm has served clients in Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands, and the surrounding areas of Harris and Montgomery County, Texas since 2007. The firm is pleased to offer compassionate, dedicated advocacy in all types of family law cases. Attorney Lisa Bruce is an experienced family law litigator and mediator, prepared to help clients resolve their divorce or other family law matter in the way that is best for their needs.


Even under the best of circumstances, divorce can be a painful, confusing process. When significant conflict exists, the process can seem overwhelming. In addition to the emotional stress that come along with divorce, parties must also conduct the bu… Read More

Child Custody / Support

Custody and child support orders dictate how parents (or third parties with standing to act as conservators of a child) will share rights to make decisions about the child (conservatorship), access to the child (possession and access) and child suppo… Read More

Spousal Support / Spousal Maintenance

While most divorce litigants believe that post-divorce spousal maintenance (also referred to as support) is a given if a marriage has lasted for 10 years or more, the truth is that the Texas Family Code’s allowances for post-divorce spousal mainten… Read More

Division of Marital Estate

Aside from the determination child-related issues, the primary focus of divorce litigation is the identification and valuation of community property and the pursuit of a “just and right” division of the community estate. Community Property and Se… Read More

Modification of Child Custody/Possession Orders

Once a court has entered an order regarding child-related issues (conservatorship, possession and/or support), later modification of the terms of the order require a finding that a “material and substantial” change has taken place since the time… Read More


Attorney Lisa LeDoux Bruce is a certified family law mediator. She brings her years of experience to the mediation setting in order to help parties find creative solutions and reach settlement in divorce litigation, child custody litigation and child… Read More