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Attorney Lisa LeDoux Bruce is a certified family law mediator. She brings her years of experience as a litigator and family law practitioner, and her background as a parent to 3 now-grown children, to the mediation setting in order to help parties find creative solutions and reach settlement in divorce litigation, child custody litigation and child support litigation matters.

Mediation is a process by which parties engaged in divorce litigation or child custody litigation allow an independent third person (the mediator), to engage with them and their attorneys (if attorneys are retained), to explore the issues between them and work toward settling the issues between them.

Mediations can be scheduled for ½ day (4 hours), ¾ day (6 hours) or full day (8 hours).

Family Law Mediation in Harris and Montgomery Counties

Family law courts in Harris and Montgomery Counties generally require Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which includes mediation, prior to final trial (and in some courts, even prior to hearings regarding temporary orders) in divorce litigation and child custody litigation. Under Texas law, if parties arrive at an agreement in a mediated process, that agreement becomes binding and irrevocable, barring either party from later attempting to withdraw from agreements made. With few exceptions, the Court must enter orders in accordance with the agreements made pursuant to mediated settlement agreements. Informal agreements do not have the same protections.

Resolving cases by way of mediation also provides the following advantages:

  • Much less costly than preparing and appearing for trial before the court
  • Allows the parties to seek and implement creative solutions
  • Avoids airing “dirty laundry” and grievances in a public setting
  • Gives parties, rather than a judge or jury, control over outcome
  • Provides finality and avoids the risk of trial
  • Provides a lower stress, more comfortable environment in which to work on solutions

Mediations can take place at our offices or at an agreed upon off-site locations (at another attorney’s office, for example). For the convenience of parties and attorneys, we also offer evening and weekend mediation times.

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Mediation Pricing

½ day mediation (4 hours) $450 per party
¾ day mediation (6 hours) $675 per party*
Full day mediation (8 hours) $900 per party*

*Lunch is provided for ¾ day and full day mediations.