Lisa handled my divorce this past year, the end of an 11-year marriage which was a very painful and trying experience for me. It took 10 months from start to finish, and at the beginning I was still very timid and uncertain of my future and direction in life, even though I was sure my decision to divorce was the right one. She was very kind and supportive, and she encouraged me to fight for my future. When I needed her to be sensitive, she was kind, and when I was afraid to take action, she strengthened me and pushed me (gently yet firmly) to do the right things to protect me and my children. With God's help & her guidance, I came to be strong and unafraid to fight and come through the other side of this as a more independent and happy individual. I thank God for allowing me such a strong attorney to be with me through the biggest challenge of my life. I don't know what I would have done without her--I consider her more than my attorney now, I consider her a friend! I highly recommend her for any legal issue anyone needing help might face!